ACT is a certification body that certify clients operating in the field of wood and wood products.



To become the leading certification scheme in the applicable fields of certification, ensuring certified products exceed expected quality.

Types of Management Systems & Certification Schemes

ISO/IEC 17021-1

ACT is currently accredited for ISO/IEC 17021-1 for Quality Management System Certification for EAC 6: Wood and Wood Products (ISO 9001).

ISO/IEC 17065

ACT is currently accredited for ISO/IEC 17065 for product certification with regards to SANS 754, SANS 457-3 and SANS 1288.
Note: Documents that have a reference number ending by “.21” are only applicable to ISO/IEC 17021-1

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Complaints & Appeals

African Certification & Testing (ACT) is committed to providing a world class product certification service and maintaining the highest standards of service in all our dealings with client, third parties and stakeholders. 


We recognise that on occasion it may be necessary for our client, or those using certification services to raise a complaint with us. If you are a third party who has concerns about the activities of ACT certification body, or if you are a direct client of ACT certification body who is unhappy with our service, then do please get in touch with us.




An applicant or accredited body may formally request ACT to re-consider any adverse decision made which relates to its desired certification status. The applicant or certification body should submit an appeal in writing to ACT administrator

In case of any complaint or appeal please complete the Incident Report (F20) below and send it to

Dear ACT clients and prospective clients. Please take note that we are committed to continuous improvement and as a result thereof we reviewed our Procedure for Evaluation (QP09) General - and Specific Permit Conditions (QP13, QP19, QP20 and QP21) to improve its alignment with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17065.


There is a phase-in period of 6 months with regards to the changes of these conditions, starting from 01 August 2018.


NOTE: This deadline has been extended until 01 July 2019.


Prospective clients should please complete the application form (F22) below and send it to

Directory of Certified Clients

Current directory of certified clients. Please see list below.

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